High Pressure Cleaning Services

Concrete cleaning Canberra before and after

High Pressure Cleaning can remove dirt, grease, mould, grime, leaf and bark stains, moss and lichen leaving your outdoor areas looking like new again. Concrete Sealers Canberra use a rotary floor surface cleaner on flat surfaces which uses less water at a faster speed. This method also prevents streaking on your surface.

A pressure gun is used for corners and walls and depending on the surface. We start with bio degradable cleaning agents, applying with a soft bristle brush and elbow grease, leaving to penetrate the stain and then wash using the water pressure which is usually sufficient for most stains but for those stubborn stains we have an extensive range of choices for cleaning products and chemicals, ensuring we exhaust all measures to restore your surface to its former glory.
concrete cleaning colouring sealing equipment
Whether it be a driveway for your home to the exterior of a factory our reliable team can handle the job, quickly and effectively. There are many benefits for high pressure cleaning services for your home or commercial property, from improving the appearance of the property, to creating a safe and hygienic environment.

If you are a commercial tenant a home owner, body corporate manager, or real estate agent concerned about the appearance and safety of your property call us today for a free no-obligation free assessment.

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